Computer Science and Technology(Big Data in E-Commerce)

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Program Infomation

Program Objectives

The training objective of the specialty is to develop innovative research and independent ability to solve engineering problems in the field of data science and big data technology, students can be engaged in data mining, data analysis and scientific research, system design and system integration based on cloud computing platforms and other aspects of the work of the senior specialized personnel.


Program Requirements

Through study, students should have the following knowledge and ability: (1) have the basic skills of managing data, analyzing and dealing with big data; (2) strong data security and privacy awareness and legal awareness; (3) master the solid basic theory and broad professional skills in the field of data science and big data technology; (4) Good capability in research, design, development and application of big data systems. (5) In e-commerce, Internet banking, Internet of things, cloud computing and big data industry, there are strong data thinking and data decision-making advantages. (6) Understanding the theoretical frontiers, applications and developments of data science. (7) Mastering the basic methods of document search and data inquiry, have strong ability to analyze and solve practical problems, and have the basic ability to do research on Data Science.


Main courses

Advanced Probability and Statistics

Optimization Method

Introduction to Frontier Technology in Data Science

Big Data Analysis

Big data programming

Parallel programming and development

Introduction to big data systems

Data science and engineering practice

Natural language processing

Advanced Machine Learning



The faculty team of this discipline is composed of 35 members of which 10 are full professors and 25 are associate professors, including professors with titled “national talents project“”“provincial talents project”, “Qianjiang distinguished professor” or the “151 talent project” at first, second and third class. Meanwhile, more than 30 of our faculty members have overseas study experience for a period of more than 3 months.


Length of Study: 2.5 years


Required Credits: 42 credits are required


Certificate of Graduation and Degree

Qualified students will be granted certificates of graduation and Master Degree of Engineering.


Instruction Language

■ All the courses are delivered in English except some of Chinese language courses.

■ Dissertation is required to be written in English

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